We are committed to helping our veterinary clients be as successful as possible. Please call 800-845-8849 to place an order if you are a veterinary clinic, or order through one of our veterinary distributors. If you require additional information, client brochures or samples, please let us know. Just fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

Samples may be requested by veterinarians and their staff only. Make sure to include the product, sizing, and your clinic address and title. We only ship samples if we can verify your employment at a veterinary clinic. Pet owners, your veterinarian can request a sample on your behalf.

Free shipping When you place a direct order of 12 bottles or more, we cover the shipping. You may also click the following link to see our list of Veterinary Distributors.

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ProHepatic® is a potent antioxidant formula for liver function support and protection. Especially beneficial for pets taking prescriptions drugs.

ProHepatic liver health supplement