Scaredy Cats - It's a Real Thing

Posted by Brook on 10/25/2019 to Holidays
Scaredy Cats - It's a Real Thing
Halloween is a fun holiday for people, but it can be pretty scary for pets! Most dogs and cats experience elevated nerves in one way or another during trick-or-treating. Some are anxious and hide, others are overly excited and want to see the children. ProQuiet® may help everyone enjoy less stress. ProQuiet® is a safe and natural supplement to help pets relax without sedating them. For best results, give the tasty tablet about an hour before you expect visitors. In severe cases, 2-3 days of use before an event may be needed. ProQuiet® is available only from your veterinarian in both 60ct bottles and 7-tablet packets - perfect for the occasional ghoul or goblin at your door!

October 29th is National Cat Day, so this is a great time to recognize all they bring to our lives and show how much we care for them!

Remember these tips this Halloween:
  • Keep your cats inside and in a closed room if necessary, providing toys, scratching post, litter box and a safe place to hid.
  • Use battery powered candles instead of real flames.
  • If you're not in the room, put candy (especially chocolate) away and remove pet costumes.
  • Keep decorations cats could choke on or swallow out of reach, including carved pumpkins.
It's all about reducing risk when it comes to keeping pets safe. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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