Our Commitment to You

Posted by Brook S. on 4/13/2020 to News
Our Commitment to You

Our staff has made some major adjustments to how and when we work during the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to maintain the high standard of service we're committed to. Our friendly, dedicated staff is here for you, in different ways, but as always! We're pet families too and we know how important maintaining a supplement routine is for your pet. So, we're filling orders and responding to customers as promptly as possible. We thank and respect the carriers delivering goods, because we simply couldn't do this without them.

This is a difficult time for veterinary professionals, who are also adapting their practices and certainly their finances. We are extending more offers than normal in the hope that every little bit will help. In that same spirit, I encourage you to post a photo of your pet/vet clinic on social media and tag or hashtag your veterinarian and/or their clinic. Let's show our appreciation and make a new referral whenever we can!

The Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) has compiled a helpful list of scientific and health resources about Covid-19: Health Information for People and Health Information for Pets and Veterinary Medicine. MAF has funded feline coronavirus studies in the past. Their commitment to advancing the health of animals benefits us all.

The future might feel more like community if we embrace this time of closeness with family, safely connecting with neighbors, celebrating friends in creative new ways, supporting local businesses, showing appreciation to essential services, getting outside with our dogs and if only to their apparent chagrin, staying in with our cats. Can you imagine how our canine friends must feel when the whole family heads out to roam our territory in a pack? It only makes sense that we would also howl at sundown!

Stay well and remember, we are in this together. It's not just something to say, because the next time you're able and someone says, "we should get coffee," I bet you really will!