Covid-19 Status Update

Posted by Brook S. on 3/19/2020 to News

We want to reassure you, our valued customers and distribution partners, that we have taken precautionary measures to ensure operations continue with as little interruption as possible. Both administrative offices and manufacturing/packaging facilities are in full operation and our inventory levels are normal. Non-essential staff travel has been halted, but our normal Monday-Friday business hours have not changed. We remain in good spirits and are doing our best to share good news and positivity!

As much as possible, we encourage continuing these healthy habits:

  •  Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables.
  •  Keeping a daily multi-vitamin and supplement routine.
  •  Exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep.
  •  Taking steps to avoid infection, such as washing hands and disinfecting surfaces frequently.
  •  Minimizing stress.

Of course, walking or jogging and interacting with pets are great ways to boost your mood while social distancing. On March 12, Scientific American published an article with healthy suggestions for supporting meaningful human connections, which don’t equate to an overuse of digital media platforms. The author, Kasley Killam, is a Master of Public Health candidate at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper who specializes in social health and well-being.

Link to the article here: How to Prevent Loneliness in a Time of Social Distancing

Call us if you have any concerns. Be well!