How It All Began
Believe it or not, Animal Health Options was born of human suffering. Our company’s founder, Teresa Lynch, had been working in public accounting and began experiencing immune system deficiencies. She followed sage advice and started a supplement regimen heavily focused on antioxidants. Always the caring heart, Teresa was compelled to share with others what had brought her back to good health and employed a clinical nutritionist to start making her own line of supplements branded Health Options. An animal lover and biology major, Teresa had the good fortune of meeting veterinarian John Mulnix of Mulnix Animal Clinic. With Dr. Mulnix on-board as Staff Veterinary Advisor, Health Options gave birth to Animal Health Options in 1990 and the antioxidants and joint support supplements that had helped so many people were now available for dogs and cats as well.

The company grew quickly and expanded internationally in 1996 to Japan and Canada. Neal Lynch joined the company to set up manufacturing systems equipped for the new production demands. By 2010, the U.S. Small Business Administration named AHO the Colorado Small Business Exporter of the Year. After receiving the award on the state level, AHO was judged against other nominees from a six-state area in the Rocky Mountain West and was also selected as the 2010 Regional winner. Today AHO exports to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Canada and the Netherlands. In particular, the patented joint supplement ProMotion® has been a market leader in Japan for many years, which is indicative of the product’s consistent quality.

One of the core beliefs of AHO is the importance of veterinary oversight when it comes to pet health. This is why our products are sold only through veterinarians. While the ingredients are generally recognized as safe, a veterinarian may recognize a contraindication (reason to avoid use) based on a medical condition or conflicting drug prescription.

Our Staff Veterinarian
Dr. Kuck

Dr. John Kuck was born in New Knoxville, a small farming community in rural southwestern Ohio. At that time, Dr. Kuck called his parent’s 40 acre wooded property home, complete with a three acre pond and plenty of room to explore and cultivate his interest in nature, commonly in the company of his baby raccoons, his English Setter Mitzi or Sheba, the Newfoundland. At the age of 13, John earned a scholarship to the prestigious Culver Academy where he pursued his love of football and Russian language studies.

Upon graduation from Culver Academy, Dr. Kuck earned an athletic scholarship to play football at Bowling Green University where he started at the center position for three seasons and served as a senior co-captain and earned the Carlos Jackson Award for his work ethic. He graduated in 1998 with a degree in International Business and a minor in Russian Language Studies.

In 2001 Dr. Kuck returned to school, having moved to Denver to be closer to one of his truest passions, fly fishing. Enrolling at the Metropolitan State College of Denver, John completed his pre-requisites for admission to veterinary school in 2003 and earned a place at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Completing his training at Colorado State University in 2007, Dr. Kuck graduated from veterinary school with an ever-increasing passion for animal health and welfare. Since graduation, John has attempted to maintain a very broad knowledge base encompassing companion animal medicine and surgery, equine dentistry and food animal medicine. Dr. Kuck feels a strong sense of service to his community, volunteering at various animal charities and offering his services free of charge to needy communities abroad.

Quality Control & Safety Standards
Our products comply with the state agriculture departments and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) regulations. We use ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) based upon methods listed by the state agriculture agencies and the FDA. Our rigorous Quality Control Program includes independent laboratory testing for guaranteed analysis, shelf life/stability testing and archive monitoring procedures. We also comply with Best Manufacturing Practices set by AAFCO in FDA-inspected facilities.

Our Unique Ingredients and Research
Antioxidants from plant polyphenols provide nutritional support for challenging, often chronic health issues. The antioxidant Bioflavanol in AHO products is an extract containing oligomeric proanthocyanidins or OPCs. OPCs are in extracts of curcumin, pomegranate, pcynogenol (pine bark), cranberries or grape seed. AHO formulas can be used alone or in combination with other traditional veterinary therapies. Pet owners often want to use a product other than NSAIDs or other drugs for chronic conditions. Studies and clinical surveys demonstrating the successful use of our products are available upon request.

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