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ProHepatic® -  Potent antioxidant formula for liver function support and protection. 

The main ingredient is patented Siliphos®, which is an exclusive complex of silybin, the main active constituent of milk thistle, and phosphatidylcholine. Siliphos is more bioavailable than milk thistle or other silybin extracts (see chart below). Can be given with food. Easier to use than SAMe (very small chewable tablet). Especially beneficial for pets taking prescriptions. Cost effective.

The small size of ProHepatic® contains no flavoring, which allows for a very small tablet size. This makes it easier to administer to small dogs and cats. The Medium and Large ProHepatic® contain vegetarian (soy based) beef and flavoring.

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Main ingredients: Silybin phosphatidylcholine (Siliphos®), Bioflavanol, Zinc. 

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